Small Nuk™ Guard -Solid Colors [26a]

Small Nuk™ Guard -Solid Colors [26a]

$17.99 — $52.99

Small Nuk™ Available as seen above in White, Yellow, Orange, Baby Blue, Pink (Fuchsia), Lavender. and not shown “Royal Blue” and Red color guards

Please Note: If you want a different middle piece and handle color, by all means email us the request before or after you place your order at: we will do our very best to accommodate!

This MonSep12 process using the Small Nuk™ guards(s) was made with the largest long stem nipple in the world today. You can even hear the whistle sound of air when you squeeze the tip end of the nipple through the guard of the pacifier.

Guard size Width 1.8 Inches, Length 1.5 Inches

Available in Latex only:

MBA Orthodontic & Therapeutic MLT4 (Latex)  $17.99
MBA Orthodontic & Therapeutic MLT5 (Latex)  $29.99
MBA Orthodontic & Therapeutic MLT7 (Latex)    $52.99

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