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As a ABDL “connoisseur” owning many pacifiers and a looking more natural with a paci than without, I know I can trust PacifiersRus and it’s team when I need answers or simply want a bit more info on a potential purchase.  The variety of available pacis is great, I can match their colors with my onesies or clothing, match the pacis with how I feel on a given day or night. The quality is there, durability as well. Thanks guys and Mommy Kate!
-Jean from Montreal, Québec 03/04/2016

“Best Pacifier ever!!  What a great product, I have already 4 pacifiers and the are all special & unique. They have helped me so well to sleep since I often have insomnia, they feel so good and it soothes my mind into a more relaxing state. Also they calm me down if I’m too stressed or hyper (as im ADHD). They also last long. I will stay loyal to PACIFIERSRUS”  ? -Teban from Florida 10/12/2015

“Thank you so much for your product. your paci’s are amazing, i have never been so at peace, and focused. i think it should be a mandate for everyone to have one. i will be ordering again, and again. this has been the most positive purchase i have personally ever made. the best thing ive ever done…..for me. i took my binki back! thank god.” -Douglas from Lapotre, Colorado  04/30/2014

“I have always wanted a larger pacifier, and you guys went above what I would consider exceptional customer service. The pacifier itself is of astounding quality, and the amount of time it took for me to receive it was less then a week. Thank you so very much!” -Tyler from Roca, Nebraska 05/01/2013

“I just got my new paci from you guys today and it’s amazing. Thanks for the awesome free diaper you gave me with it! I love you guys and your website. You do the best job. I just wanted you to know how appreciated you are! I’ll always get my pacifiers from you!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Have a great day!” – Joanne from Kremmling, CO. 4/3/2013

“Thanks so much for making the size 7 silicone pacifier. I got mine and in two minutes it became my instant favorite. The larger size is perfect and feels like for the first time I have a pacifier that feels just right. I also noticed it stays in all night instead of winding up lost in the bed. Thanks
“- Jay from Mississauga, Ontario CANADA 2/16/2012

About Silicone Teats customer writes: “I just want to say thank you so much, i love it! its a must have for all adult babies and littles! they fit my mouth better then any other Binky, but that just goes without saying. Best customer service i have ever dealt with anywhere. Hands down my best purchase for my little side. Again, thank you so very much ^__^ .”
-Trevor from Gillette, WY 1/30/2012

“I just wanted to let you know that the pacifiers have arrived here, I was on vacation for a couple of days and when I got home they were waiting for me. 🙂 Thank you very much, very cute, just what I have been looking for! And thank you for locating the special glow in the dark one! 🙂 I’ll order from you again in the future!”
-Roxanne from Sweden 07/21/2006

“I have to say, the Nuk 5 pacifier I purchased was just right for my boyfriends mouth size Thank you for your good product and service.”
-Roberta from Peconic, NY 08/30/2006

“IHave just recieved my pacifier and i love it.
Thanks again.Might be coming back for more”
-Chris from Falkirk, United Kingdom 01/21/2007

“I love your pacifiers. I can’t wait for this one to come in! Thanks again for such a great product.”
-Mark from Yuma, AZ 01/22/2007

“I received me latest order of pacifiers. I love that I finally have a clip paci J So now I am set for when I vist a Nursery or go to a AB/DL event up here in PA. You all take care and thanks for the extra Attends!”
-Donald from Hanover TWP, PA 06/1/2007

“I have to tell you I love my new paci!! you have one of the best AB products around. the fact that you ship them with a Bambino diaper make the deal so much sweeter. have to tell you ive never felt as happy as I did when I got my Paci in the mail thank you so much for what you do. I will defiantly be coming back for more. Your biggest fan”
-John from Brownwood, TX 8/18/2007

“Hi, I bought one of your pacifiers a few months ago and just wanted to tell you I LOVE IT !! I use it all the time; I even take it with me when I leave the house, just can’t be without it. Now I’m not only in diapers 24/7 (and have been for over a year) but I’m also addicted to my pacifier. Thanks again, I’ll be ordering again soon. Timmy ”
-Timmy from Corrales, NM 9/09/2007

“Hey, I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how awesome of a business you’re running. I just got the pacifier I ordered from you and I absolutely love it! I got one of the Soft-guarded 3D Illuzion pacifiers and it is the perfect size and is so comfortable in my mouth. I will definitely order more from you guys in the future. Thanx!!”
-Del from VA 11/5/2007

“hi! i just wanted to write and let you know that i gotted my pacis today. well…. i’m very, very…HAPTY! i like the Snoopy kind, and the Tigger one…well, that’s me! i already been tellin’ other Ab’s ’bout you, but now i gots even more to tell them. i gotted exactly what i wanted…at a good price too…but the thing that means most to me is how nice you are (the customer SERVICE). thanks sooo much for the great communication, the promptness of the shipping, the 2 free diapers (ummm..could always use those…lol), AND the nice paci clip that matches my Snoopy paci. you bet i’m tellin’ other ’bout all of it!
thanks again HUGS! -lil andy (AKA lil’ tigger)” -from MD 4/16/2008

“I received my pacifier in the mail today! I love it! 🙂 Thanks so much for being quick to ship. Also, thanks for the free diaper…by the way what brand is it? I am going to try it later today and may want to buy some like it. Thanks again! Bye Bye,”
-Jonathan from UT 4/21/2008

“Hi,I received my pacifier last week and was excited to find your extra gift. You have all made me very happy as I was not expecting that! Thank you and all the best to your family, you are excellent people.”
– Anthony from Flixton, Manchester United Kingdom 11/29/2009

“I just received one of your pacifiers as a gift from a friend and I wanted to give props to you folks for an A+ job. I especially liked the “padding” it came packed in. I simply cannot imagine how it could have been done better.”
– Jeremy from San Jose, CA 2/6/2010

“I recieved my order and I can say that I am more than satisfied, the pacifiers I ordered are absolutely adorable and I loved the way you “hid” them in the diapers that was really cute. I really look forward to ordering more from you in the future, planning to be a repeat customer! Keep up the great work! Many thanks!”
– Trevor from Park Hills, MO 3/7/2010

“Hi, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the lovely paci. It arrived in perfect condition even though it had to travel half-way across the world! Thank you too for the extra gift, it’s very much appreciated.Warm regards,Tania”
– Tania from Shoalwater, Western Australia 4/27/2010

” I just recieved my Nuk 5 MaM GlowButton Pacifier about a week ago, and I have to say I’m extremely impressed. I was hooked the moment I tried it out, and I’ve spend countless hours with it, including when I sleep. I can’t sleep without it now! I’m so happy with this product and I will be buying more pacifiers from your site in the future. Thank you for running such a great business – Also, I loved the free gift! Thanks so much for what you guys do 🙂 Best Wishes”
– Keri from Augusta, GA 5/3/2010

” I would like to thank PacifiersRus for all of their help, they have me my jumpstart into the AB lifestyle. They where very understanding and answered any questions that I had, I would definitely recommend them to anyone in are going into the AB Lifestyle.”
– Ryan from Slidell, LA 5/18/2010

“Hey guys, I just received my new paci in the mail, and I love it! If I didn’t already know it was a custom pacifier I’d think it came out of a factory just for big kids like me. The rest of the AB industry should take a few cues from you! Tanks again!”
– Sean from Bellingham, WA 5/28/2010

“I wanted to let you know I got the paci and it was perfect! Thank you so much! Also the diaper was a humorous add and the handwritten note was a nice touch. I will no doubt recommend you to anyone looking for a paci and order from you again if I ever need another! Thanks so much!”
– Omorashi from Green Bay, WI 6/4/2010

“Thank you very much. My pacifier arrived today and it’s perfect. My mommy thinks it’s really cute and the quality is excellent. Thanks for the great service!”
– Jay from Mississauga Ontario Canada 7/2/2010

“Thank you soooo much for this amazing paci! i revived it today with extremely fast shipping and with my lovely paci clip. i love love love the paci and thanks for the free diaper too! i love how everything is so personal there i feel that i will for sure buy from you again. thanks for being around and being AB/DL friendly!”
– Alexis from Rochester, NY 12/14/2010

“I am sooo elated! I got the paci, and not only that!, I also got a diaper! Unbelievable how wonderful your service is 🙂 You kept in touch with me the whole time. I love how it was wrapped inside the diaper, its so adorable. Thank you so much! I dont think Ive been happier! The paci is super adorable, I am definitely ordering from PacifiersRus again!”
-LittleHanah (LB)”-from Jersey City, NJ 12/30/2010

“hi, i got my dummy at last, YAY!!!!!, fells so good in my mouth, nothing like a nice new fresh dummy.
cheers guys, will definately buy from yous again
thanks.” -Baby Darren from Perth Western Australia 1/31/2011

“Hello again, well here i am again everyone…..I lost my dummy, ordered another one, found the lost one, now I have 2 absolutely awsome dummies.
Got the new one yesterday and had forgotten how they are sent…. all nicely wrapped up in a CUSHIES nappy this time, sweet!! I can’t reccomend this site enough!!!!!!! Thanks to all and thanks for the personal service!!!!” -Baby Darren from Perth Western Australia 8/1/2011