• Our adult pacifiers are modified using baby pacifier guards and holders that you can buy in any retail store and replacing the teat (nipple) part with an adult size teats. This process is called the MonSep12©. The MonSep12© takes much time to complete transformation to perfection without damage or less then 5% to pacifier guard.
  • The infant or toddler size teats are modified to adult size teats using 7 different Latex and Silicone Teats such as the Orthodontic and Therapeutic TEAT 5 (AKA NUK™5). The Long Stem Orthodontic and Therapeutic Teat 7’s are exclusive to PacifiersRus and you will ONLY find here!
  • Need HELP on selecting a teat size? CLICK HERE for teat education! OUR TEATS
  • We have a wide selection, check out our shop using the links above to see each category of modified pacifiers and Value Bundles, Pre-made lines as well as long beaded Pacifier clips for sale. Have suggestions or comments? We love hearing from our customers! Please call or email (406) 686-NUK5 (6855)

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